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An Online Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Premiere of North & South… Interested? Read More Below…


Mr. Thorton is intrigued...

Mr. Thorton is intrigued…

SPEAKING ONLY ON BEHALF OF MEMBERS OF THE RICHARD ARMITAGE US FACEBOOK PAGE (carefully trying not to step on any toes, but truly hoping to lure others who might want to come out and and play…)

On the aforementioned Richard Armitage US Facebook page, our members (aka people who have “LIKE”d the page) have been playing around with ways to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the premiere of North & South this November.

Like most RA well-wisher groups, RA US has a diversity of members. Ours, for example, represent over 43 countries and 47 languages – including Pirate English, which will come in handy if ever RA should star in a remake of Pirates of Penzance or Captain Blood.

SO, N&S premiered on November 14, 2004. Here in the States, November 14, 2014 is a Friday.  I’m not good at any kind of math – especially global time/day conversion – so I talked with an Aussie member and she says it is also a Friday on her side of the world. (Our folks liked the idea of this event/celebration/par-tay happening on a weekend.)

Suddenly, RA US peeps are kinda getting jazzed about doing this online “North & South 10th Anniversary Worldwide Celebration” (aka Par-tay) with other RA well-wishers from other groups and individuals, and so are extending the invitation to everyone in the RA Universe to come out and play.

We’ve kept The <Proposed> Plan simple:

  1. Everyone (who can and wants to pparticipate) watches N&S wherever you live in the world on November 14, 2014 – the 10th anniversary of its premiere. THEN…  
  2. On Saturday, November 15, we gather electronically — all go to one place on the web — and talk about the film, RA, the impact it’s had and continues to have on us, RA, DANIELA, BRENDAN(!), RA, Sinéad, Tim, Anna, Jo, Pauline … Well, basically, all things North & South!

BUT, here’s the question  for everyone who thinks this might be fun:
Where should that one place BE????
The more the merrier, but what web venue would be most convenient to the most people?
Feel free to comment here! 

Right now, we’re thinkin’ it might be fun to do it on Twitter. We wonder if we could crash Twitter on November 15 with the #RANS hashtag…? Wouldn’t that be a HOOT!?!?!?!

Cheers, ever’body! Hope you’ll join us!

And 1,000 thanks to RA US Special Correspondent Chrissy Lampard, for reminding us that THIS is the YEAR!

Crashing Twitter would be a HOOT! Think we could do it?

Crashing Twitter would be a HOOT! Think we could do it?

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