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RA US Members Suggest a Theme Song and Create a WILD & WONDERFUL List!

Inspiration for an RA US FB Theme Song Photo: Leslie Hassler

Inspiration for an RA US FB Theme Song
Photo: Leslie Hassler

In a thread during yesterday’s semi-annual “You Tell ME Which RA You Want to See” game on the Richard Armitage US  Facebook page, a member mentioned that RA was just too good to be true. Naturally, like most of us, I agreed. And I started thinking…

If RA US had a (PG-13, please) theme song to describe our members’ feelings for RA, what would be YOUR choice?

My initial reaction – thanks to the “…too good to be true”comment – was the original Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.” (Look for their story this summer in the film “Jersey Boys.”)

One of the reasons I leaned toward this song is that – should RA and I ever dance to it – it has both slow-dance and free-style moments.  That’s kind of perfect, right? Improbable, of course, but perfect.

But – on the other end of the spectrum – who can resist those members who suggested “Sexy Back,” especially if you”re at all familiar with HeathDances’ Sexy Back 1, 2 and 3?

So our members took to the challenge with a joyous, creative enthusiasm, with selections as diverse as the members themselves. Check it out!  Whether you’re a fanvid producer looking for inspiration, or a member of the global RArmy, you’re bound to find one listed that resonates with you! If not, add yours! (Just remember, we’re a PG-13 page…. with a sense of humor.)

Sexy Back, Anyone?

Sexy Back, anyone?

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