INTO THE STORM: Richard Armitage US Review

Richard Armitage is Vice-Principal, Math Teacher, Football Coach, Dad and Hero in "Into the Storm"

Richard Armitage is Vice-Principal, Math Teacher, Football Coach, Dad and  Crisis-Hero in “Into the Storm”

I will begin with a confession: since it was announced that Richard Armitage would star in what I came to call the “Unnamed Into the Black Tornado Storm Sky Project 4, 5, 6(?),” I planned to see it only because it featured RA as its leading man. You see, I am not really a disaster film fan. But I should’ve trusted RA because I’ve never been so wrong in all my life. Brief explanation: Like most of us who follow RA’s career, I’d been reading about Into the Storm for, roughly, three years. It seemed to start out as a small, found-footage-intertwined-with-human-stories film. Then we started seeing photos like this one. (Tweeted by that [formerly tricky] Into the Storm Producer Todd Garner!)

Hmmm, looking pretty disastery here, Mr. G.

Hmmm, looking pretty disastery here, Mr. G.

Then the bits and pieces of video started coming out, and they were full-on disaster clips. But Mr. G. promised he would supply “the power of the human spirit” that RA mentioned at CinemaCon.* The second trailer delivered. Still it was a monster movie, those tornadoes clearly being both monster and star. And I’m not a monster movie person. But, accompanied by a gleeful group of Richard Armitage US members, I was brave enough to attend a preview screening in Atlanta, thanks to Mr. G (who turns out to be a fun tweeter and fine man), and the generosity of Warner Brothers Pictures. I want to say that any connection – albeit slim – or gratitude for their kindness has no effect on this review. Nor is my assessment affected by my respect and affection for Richard Armitage overall. Believe it or not, the film was so engrossing, and the ensemble of actors and their characters so strong, I actually forgot to focus on Gary Fuller. The film takes just the right amount of time establishing its human characters: a rather brusque man, Gary Fuller, has an awkward and uncomfortable relationship with his two sons. The backstory is that there was a divorce and then the mom died, so the boys have come to live with Dad. But Dad – for a vice-principal of a high school – doesn’t really seem to know how to communicate with teenagers. (I kept reminding  myself that he’s also a football coach and so is used to having his orders – never suggestions – followed.) The sons are beautifully realized by Max Deacon as serious and shy Donnie, and an initially cheeky Nathan Kress, as younger son Trey. Donnie’s secret crush Kaitlyn – a smart, environmentally conscious young woman – portrayed by Alycia Debnam Carey rounds out the dynamic of the family relationships.

"Did you hear that? "Max and Kaitlyn.

“Did you hear that?” Max and Kaitlyn.

Younger Fuller son Trey (Nathan Kress) is a natural videographer.

Younger Fuller son Trey (Nathan Kress) is a natural videographer.

And then we have the Storm-Chasers, Matt Walsh as Pete, who has to get that shot before losing his backers, Sarah Wayne  Callies as Allison, a scientist, and a smart, strong female character; Arlen Escarpeta as Daryl, a dedicated storm chaser with a heart; and Jeremy Sumpter as Jacob, a newbie  storm-chaser-shooter who’s uncertain about his latest career choice.

Pete (Matt Walsh), Trey (Nathan Kress, Gary (RA) and Allison (Sarah Wayne Callies) take stock after the first wave of storms.

Pete (Matt Walsh), Trey (Nathan Kress, Gary (RA) and Allison (Sarah Wayne Callies) take stock after the first wave of storms.

And that’s the cast… OH! Except the wild cards: Reevis and Donk, wanna-be YouTube stars. Since the second trailer debuted, to me, Reevis has been the “Dude! M’arm hairs” guy and Donk has been his sidekick. From that trailer, I swore if anything happened to “Dude,” I’d never recover. Played, respectively (if not respectably), by Jon Reep and Kyle Davis, these two guys provide much-needed comic relief. (Hey, I’m Southern, and was not offended in the least, just don’t call them hillbillies or rednecks… these kinds of guys are just about everywhere in the US.)  And if their Flaming Pool of Death gag and its aftermath doesn’t make you laugh out loud, I worry for you.

Donk (Kyle Davis) survives the Flaming Pool of Death he and Reevis (Jon Reep) set up to launch their YouTube stardom!

Donk (Kyle Davis) survives the Flaming Pool of Death he and Reevis (Jon Reep) set up to launch their YouTube stardom!

So that’s the – forgive me – calm before the storm(s). You’ve all seen samples of that video. Helicopters crashing into buildings, planes swept up in funnels, a tornado bearing right down on our people and, of course, the fire funnels. But there is so much more. And all of it is breathtaking. The storms and their destructive power are stunning and relentless and horrifying, and – with the theater sound – is about as real as you can get to a tornado without actually being in one (and I have).

One tornado approaches... there are more.

One tornado approaches… there are more.

And while this nasty fella makes his way toward our heroes… our YouTube stars chuck their beer cans to record it while Storm-Chaser Daryl gets a money shot. nathan-kress-into-storm-stills-16 All this said, honestly,  I have to see this film again, and perhaps several times; in fact, I’ll be at the theater with friends on Opening Day, August 8. There is SO much going on, I found it difficult to focus… even on RA. Plus, it was SO much more than I expected: more believable storms, more heartbreak, more humanity, more beauty, more power, more character development. In fact, the ensemble is amazing. Standouts are Max Deacon, whose American accent is flawless and seems effortless, and his character is both poignant and brave. I expected Nathan Kress to turn in a solid performance, and he did. Matt Walsh’s Pete is simply fascinating to watch… in every scene. Sarah Wayne Callies is a welcome note of sanity and humanity in the chaos. Jon Reep and Kyle Davis are unforgettable. And then there’s RA. As the head of what appears to be a rigidly structured household, he is hardly sympathetic in the beginning. His first scene with Donnie breaks my heart. And he spends much of the film yelling over the wind; he has few quiet moments. (An aside: how I long to see RA in a role that allows him to speak quietly, using that voice and all its nuance.) Yes, there is a character arc, but in his case, I longed for more. And that’s not RA’s fault, but the production’s or the script’s. Still, it’s a solid performance – especially considering his water phobia and having a truck dropped in the street just 10 meters in front of him. He delivers what the director and script called for, but I think much of Gary’s humanity was the result of RA’s suggestions, and Director Steven Quale’s openness to collaboration.

The Fuller Family have gone Into the Storm.

The Fuller Family have gone Into the Storm.

AMENDMENT: I had said after my first screening that I thought that the epilogue with some of the characters updating their status felt tacked on and simplistic. But I’ll say no more about that here. I have thoughts, but don’t want to give anything that might resemble a content spoiler. On SECOND viewing, I want to make it VERY clear that the the ultimate final scenes were very satisfying! You’ll see what I mean when you see the film.

And, I have to say, there is just one detail continues to bug me: what happened to all those dozens of other school buses filled with students and others at the school’s storm shelter?  This is the last school bus we see,  and it’s just the one Gary and his crew were in… It is a puzzlement.

Gary, his abandoned school bus, Donnie,  Kaitlyn, Trey and Allison... where's everyone else?

Gary, his abandoned school bus, Donnie, Kaitlyn, Trey and Allison… where’s everyone else?

That side,  it’s a wild ride with interesting characters, monster storms and a super cast. Terrific for a summer movie. Congrats, everyone.  As RA says:

I'm really proud of the film and I hope people enjoy it... and there's always room for a good disaster movie.

“I’m really proud of the film and I hope people enjoy it… and there’s always room for a good disaster movie.” ~ RA to RA US Special Correspondent Sara Alize Cross

Finally, one last shot of the entire cast at the premiere… Didn’t I tell you that Jon and Kyle are unforgettable?

L-R) Jon Reep, Todd Garner, Max Deacon, Matt Walsh, Arlen Escarpeta, Sarah Wayne Callies, Nathan Kress, RA (behind Nathan), Alycia Debnam Carey, Steven Quale, Kyle Davis and Jeremy Sumpter.

L-R) Jon Reep, Todd Garner, Max Deacon, Matt Walsh, Arlen Escarpeta, Sarah Wayne Callies, Nathan Kress, RA (behind Nathan), Alycia Debnam Carey, Steven Quale, Kyle Davis and Jeremy Sumpter.

Please let me know your thoughts about the film… and I may have a whole ‘nother reaction after seeing it a second (and third and fourth, infinity) time. 

Our Black Carpet interviews with dome of the cast – RA, Matt, Max and Arlen – Are all here in one sweet clip! The Richard Armitage US/Sarah Alize Cross team and their roles: Interviewed by: Sara Alize Cross; Shot by: S. Iturri Sosa, Rachael Levy, Adam Smith Sound by: Lana T. Yang

You may also follow Richard Armitage US on FacebookTwitter and Tumblr.

 * “The power of nature is both terrifying and awe-inspiring, but what is more inspiring than that is the power of the human spirit.” ` Richard Armitage, CinemaCon, March 2014.


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36 responses to “INTO THE STORM: Richard Armitage US Review”

  1. Tara says :

    I enjoyed the movie immensely. Everyone kept comparing it to Twister (which I love) but this movie was so much more. You feel like you are in the storm with them at times. You catch yourself starting to yell at the screen or holding your breath as you wait for the outcome, praying it all comes out fine.
    I am normally not a fan of the handheld camera view but it all fit and was done really well and it helped to get me wrapped up in the movie! Loved the comic relief, I know people just like those two. Kudos to all the cast as they did an outstanding job.
    Since I am an RA fan I have to say it was weird hearing RA talk with no accent. He did an excellent job and I can’t wait to see his next project. I am also excited that I got my sister to go see the film with me. As soon as we walked out she asked what other films he had been in. I think we have a new RA fan 🙂

  2. miapatagonia says :

    You know, since the red carpet screening in NYC on Monday and all the wonderful cast interviews and photos, I’m getting really excited to see the film tomorrow and maybe again over the weekend with a different set of friends.

    I’m so glad you got to see it with fellow-RA-admirers last week. Reading your review got me more excited. Let’s hope the movie gods smile on “Into the Storm” this opening weekend.

  3. Doris M. says :

    I went to a Thursday night screening and there were less than ten people in the auditorium…it was the later of two showings on a weeknight, so I wouldn’t read too much into it.
    The only reason I wanted to see this is because RA is in it. The previews attached to this film told me it’s all geared toward a younger crowd. I don’t go in for Halloween horror and never saw Twister. That said, I was entertained. RA pulled off the American accent and the gruff parent. I was impressed with the SFX and the real stunts.
    The teenagers were convincing, as were the pro storm chasers. The amateurs were hilarious comedy relief. You can’t tell that two Brits are in the cast. I enjoyed the recurrence of a particular film prop, nice touch. Won’t reveal it now for all who have yet to see the film.
    I think this further confirms RA’s versatility as an actor and hope he gets meatier big screen roles. It’s clear he knows that this genre is light fare but he nonetheless has put full effort into his role; I enjoyed this but I won’t be rewatching it over and over like I do North & South.

    Perfect summer entertainment. Enjoy!

  4. Christa says :

    I’m also not a monster or disaster movie fan, but because of all the positive coverage I’m excited to see this as well. Like you, I long to see RA in a soft spoken role. Something full of layers and emotions. I’ve loved the vulnerability he has brought to his more sinister characters, that anguish of wanting to be good but feeling trapped by past decisions and easier ways out (Lucas North, Guy, for example.) But I’d prefer it if he found a character who truly managed to break the cycle and become strong and confident.

  5. Joell Yates says :

    Just saw it tonite with husband. I did not tell him much about the movie, just that it’s a tornado movie. He was blown away! (Couldn’t help it! :)) He thought the SFX was awesome, as well as I. The sound was amazing in this film. It really felt like you were in a tornado, especially the school scene in the hallway. I’ve seen and had been in a few tornados growing up in Ohio. Once you hear that sound of that wind, you can never forget it. It’s a fun film and really not too unbelievable. The 1978 tornado of Wichita Falls was 3 tornados merging into one super cell that was a mile wide.

    I want to see it again as I think I missed some parts to it. Trailer showed a helicopter falling out of the sky, but I don’t rember that in the movie. Also, I wanted more of Gary and Allison. There wasn’t enough screen time for both. I yearned for more of Gary and more found footage!

    • Richard Armitage US says :

      SO glad you both enjoyed it, and I missed the helicoptersmashing into the truck and very much more of Gary & Allison. But it WAS a disaster flick. not a love story, so I’m using my imagination!

  6. Elizabeth Christenson says :

    Per my RA Genl’s directive, review as follows:
    SO! Nail-biting for sure – the sight & sound of the tornadoes was chilling and reallly well done. I comPLETELY agree about the “m’arm hairs dude” dudes & we want a whole spin-off movie with just them getting into jacka$$ situations sooo funny! Richard’s accent to my ears was a solid A-, but maybe that’s just because I was analyzing every syllable. Overall a ton of fun, bring your popcorn, kick back and enjoy. (Theater half-filled, mostly teenagers, but this was Thursday night.)

  7. June says :

    Absolutely loved this movie and plan to see it many more times while its on the big screen.
    I am one moviegoer who does not analyze too deeply thus I more than often just flow along with the tale and suspend my imagination, for after all the world of moviedom is an escape and I thereby utilize it fully, real life has enough issues.
    Since I only found Richard through N & S in Feb this year this was the first time seeing him on the big screen and he was more than I expected. He is definitely a movie star and reminds me of all the great ones of the past. His screen presence is captivating and even in this role in which he was not given that much to stretch I still found myself looking at every nuance of his movements and speech and along that line his accent was just fine.
    I love him without the beard because I just adore that handsome face and like to see all of it so that part was just great for me.
    The theatre was full with people of all ages, families, couples and singles and everyone around me seemed to be enjoying it.
    Two thumbs up from me!

  8. zeesmuse says :

    I saw it in Athens. I would have loved to have gone with fellow RA fans in Atlanta tho! I enjoyed the movie – and yeah, like you, I’m NOT a disaster flick fan and wouldn’t have gone to see it had RA not been in it. My son is another story. He loves this kind of stuff and he wore out 3 video tapes of Twister and he thinks ITS was just as good. I enjoyed it and I would like to see it again!

  9. Kitty says :

    I confess I also went only because of Richard Armitage. I really liked the movie. The main character of the film was definitely the tornado with a wonderful supporting cast and story line surrounding the storm. Richard Armitage nailed his description of Gary Fuller as “every man”. If I saw Gary Fuller in a crowd, I don’t think there would be anything at all to draw my attention to him, even the fact that Mr. Fuller looks somewhat like the very handsome and talented British actor, Richard Armitage (further proof that Richard Armitage is completely engulfed by the characters he plays).

    I liked the individual stories of each character (Allison’s daughter, Pete’s ambition) and how they crossed over others’ stories. There were some loose ends in the plot, like where were Kaitlyn’s parents?

    RA US: Last line edited for possible spoilers. Sorry, Kitty!

  10. Casey says :

    I probably would have watched this movie regardless, but I made a point to see it in the theater because Richard Armitage is in it. I enjoyed all the story lines, and how they intersected at various points in the movie. I thought the script did a decent job of setting up the history between Gary and his boys. Richard’s American accent was a little wavery in the first few scenes (perhaps they were the first scenes filmed?), but pretty solid through the rest of the movie, and Max’s was great. I felt like I was watching a typical day in most of the characters’ lives, that just happened to get completely sidetracked by a giant tornado.

    There were definitely a few times where I was on the edge of my seat. When Donnie and Kaitlyn were in the water-filled space, I was very involved. The tornado scenes were very scary!

    I loved the moments of humor, also, from Trey to the daredevil tornado chasers, and their comments broke the tension. The allusion to Sarah Wayne Callies being in The Walking Dead was perfect.

    As always, Richard’s performance was brilliant, nuanced and thoughtful. There was some stiffness, but I thought that perhaps that was more about the character than the actor, especially since this is supposed to be a found footage film — one that is filmed during a disaster, at that.

    Overall, I thought this was a great movie, and I plan to see it again.

  11. Donna Kirk says :

    So I went tonight to see Into The Storm and here is my review. It was awesome. I went to the 7:20 show. The theater was about half full. The whole movie really did make you feel like you were going through the effects of a tornado. And as one that remembers an F0 tornado that came down the Main Street of my home town, it was a little creepy! The cast was a great ensemble of actors and actresses especially the two that played Donk and Reevis. I see a reality show in their future. Our beloved RA was wonderful as always. It was an enjoyable 90 minutes, and , without giving anything away, the audience laughed and applauded at the end!
    Now, I’m watching Spooks to continue my RA fix.

  12. Shelley Roberts says :

    I just got back from seeing Into the Storm and let me tell you from a girl that has been through 2 F5 tornadoes*Moore, OK* and countless was intense…the FX’s were amazing. and it was kinda funny to hear local “to me” voices Mike Morgan and Jim Garner from the news stations i watch..I don’t know if it was planned that way but it was pretty awesome. Now RA’s American..Oklahoman accent..I thought it was pretty decent …I’m from OKC and and we don’t sound the we have an accent he did a decent mid-southwest accent that was okay by me..can’t say to much or it will spoil it.. I loved the rednecks though..and if you have ever been chasing…they are everywhere..not just rednecks but amateur chasers..I mean they line the back roads and are everywhere! .hinders the real guys jobs ..all in all I liked love my rednecks!

  13. Kendra Williams says :

    Saw it today, and it is hands down the best disaster movie EVER!

    As someone who has actually been in a tornado–25 years ago as a 17 y/o high school student (how crazy is that?!)–I was amazed at how accurate and realistic the scenes were. The scene in the high school at the beginning of the movie was so realistic, my friend actually had to lean over and ask me if I was ok. All I could do was shake my head yes—I was riveted to the screen. The effects in this movie were first class and absolutely realistic. Almost mesmerizing.

    The acting was great, across the board. Not one weak link. The character development drew me into the story and the action kept me there. I appreciated the fact that the character relationships and interactions–before and after the storm–were real and not contrived for Hollywood purposes. I won’t say more about that for fear of spoilers for those who haven’t seen it yet.

    The addition of the comedic, wannabe YouTube stars was nice–their brief scenes were a welcome break from all of the adrenaline-pumping action, lol!

    I loved the epilogue/ending. It was sweet, truthful, and a nice way to wrap it all up. And we got to see casual RA–that is always nice. 🙂

    I liked the attention to detail as well. Kudos to the director and storywriters for getting these down (letters missing from the high school sign after the storm, dust in the school and drain pipe after the storm, lights flickering before the power actually goes out, etc). My only complaint of the entire movie is the fact that the locals all had Midwest accents (with the exception of the two YouTube star wannabes, who sound like they may be from the South in real life via interviews I’ve seen with them). Oklahoma is Southern y’all–I really wish Hollywood dialect coaches would learn this. *sigh*

    5 star movie. Definitely will be seeing this again.
    PS: my friends loved it too. 🙂

  14. Dele McClelland Haynes says :

    I’m a major moving goer, so the chance that would see Into the Storm within a week or two of release is pretty good. However, since Richard Armitage was in the movie, I was there on opening day. I was afraid the movie was going to be a very low B-grade movie and that I would be embarrassed for RA. I was pleasantly surprised to find the film was very engaging and kept me on the edge of my seat for the whole movie. I had to remind myself to breathe during parts of the movie.

    The family dynamics were believable. Richard as a single parent and the boys as rebellious teens pulled us in and gave us some one to root for while the storm was destroying the town. The rest of the cast kept us informed of what was going on and the camera helped make feel as if we were part of the film. However, I felt your comic relief a a little over the top.

    Will I see it again? Oh, yeah, I’ll see it again, probably this week.

  15. Colby Parker says :

    Saw Into the Storm Saturday. This movie was AMAZING. The tornado scenes were so realistic. I felt like I was really there. The whole cast was wonderful. Definitely a must see film!

  16. richardtreehouse says :

    As far as the buses go I believe they were all following each other but Gary and the storm chasers were last and got separated from the rest of them. There was a tree that went across the road and knocked down an electric wire. If I remember correctly that is how they were left on their own. Sorry if this wasn’t your question or what you meant.

    I saw the movie Friday night and our theater was sold out. It was mostly middle aged couples (at least from what I could see.) I am not a fan of disaster movies and I enjoyed the movie very much. I am planning on going to see it again tomorrow (matinee prices.)

  17. Anette Yulo says :

    Saw Into the Storm on opening day here in Singapore. Uncomplicated plot, eye-popping visuals, terrifyingly AMAZING sound! There are no heroic feats here — all personalities tell a story highlighting the strength of the human spirit. There were few dull moments, but the quick turn of events bounces you back into the story like a rollercoaster ride. I enjoyed the movie as it’s not complicated to watch — no convoluted back stories, no pseudo-intellectual subplots. Action sequences were appropriately and reasonably paced. For once, I didn’t come out of an action-packed movie feeling tired and spent! Into the Storm is fun to watch and I reckon it’s highly likely to become a sleeper hit!

    By the way, Richard is almost unrecognisable here unless you saw him as Lucas North in Spooks or John Porter in Strike Back. He’s no action hero nor romantic lead — just a regular, middle-age, no-nonsense, highly strung father who just wanted to find and keep his sons safe in the middle of a tornado. One could argue his acting here isn’t breathtaking, but remember that he’s supposed to be just some regular guy caught up in terrifying circumstances — he isn’t supposed to stand out like a superhero. When you see Gary Fuller, you don’t see Richard Armitage…you see a high school vice principal, a father of 2 boys hell-bent on surviving a terrifying force of nature. And that, I think, is great acting.

    Well done to everyone involved in making Into the Storm!

  18. 50plusandreinventingmyself says :

    I liked it so much I saw it twice! A fun edge of my seat ride! Richard’s performance was subtle, and flawless. I did feel, however, his storyline was too small and would have preferred more real dialog and less running and action stuff. The two young men cast as his sons had great rapport with Richard and were excellent. I liked the storm chaser team, especially Sarah Wayne Callie’s and Matt Walsh. The young girl love interest for the eldest son is adorable and I hope to see more of her too. Donk and Reevis? What can I say? They could have been two of my fraternity brothers when I was a little sister at Phi Kappa Theta at The University of Georgia! Warner Brothers needs to publicize this film more! The special effects made my husband gasp and he’s not easily impressed! All in all, a really fun summer movie! Oh, and get Richard Armitage some roles that showcase his talent please? He’s as good IF NOT BETTER than Cumberbatch or Fassbender and yes I’m shouting. I can’t wait to see him in the now sold out and getting rave reviews London smash revival of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible next week. For all you studio types, that’s a big deal. Get this man a juicy part.

  19. Amy Leonard says :

    I went to see Into The Storm again Friday night and loved it just as much as I did the first time I saw it! One of the funniest moments during the film came from the audience. The screen had gone black and there was no sound. An attendee who did not realize he was speaking loudly said, “That shit’s crazy!” Everyone in the room burst out laughing because he was right! That shit IS crazy! Everyone seemed to really enjoy the film and at the end the audience was laughing and applauding!

  20. Maryann says :

    I love RA as well and think he did as much as he could with what he was given…my main peeve is with the constant insertion of Donk and his buddy into scenes which might have otherwise been more dramatic…especially at the end. Took me out of the story every time. Was this a masterpiece? No. But frankly I don’t think “Pete” and his crew were worth the paper their parts were written on. Less schtick and a bit more suspense please.

  21. Courtney Sheets says :

    I may get drummed out of the (Armitage) army for this but I thought the movie was so silly. The special effects are great and our boy is handsome and the ginger dude is funny as heck but that’s about all I can give it lol

  22. Anna says :

    Oh, I quite enjoyed the film! I did post negative critique in my review, but overall it’s a good experience, it has perfect visual effects and RA is a delight! What I enjoyed less was the story line – too predictable, seen it all before, too typical situations. It was all build on basic emotions, nothing new or surprising there. Like… of course you expect a parent to go save his children and then feel closer as a family! I require more from a film, I want to see something different, something that makes me think. I was not challenged this way. Nevertheless, the screening got some well-deserved applause and I was still in the storm mood many hours after it ended! Anyway, RA is superb and that was my reason for seeing Into the Storm (although it’s suuuuuch a small role for him, I mean he doesn’t have the chance to show his real talent)!

  23. Laura says :

    I, like all RA fans, will watch our lovely man in anything. He could read a phone book to me and I would be, quite happily, mesmerized. I liked the movie, but it did not blow me away (no pun intended). I’m not a very critical movie watcher, if I’m entertained, I’m happy. However, there were a few things that kept distracting me like the two silly drunks. I didn’t find them funny, just stupid and I thought the movie would have been just fine without them. I think my favorite part with Richard, was the end with his boys. So Cute! Would I watch it again? Of course I will.

  24. Winnie says :

    I saw the movie tonight with my hubby. I told him I mainly wanted to see Richard Armitage but told him from the reviews the visual effects were rated high. The visual effects were amazing and as what Richard said how the family was initially divided and came together at the end was great! I understand why he wanted to do the movie. However, sometimes his English accent came out. I prefer he keeps his British accent and he will still make it in the American movie business! The Ausies do and look at Sean Bean! Richard was great in the movie, a realistic principal and worried father. Sarah and all actors fit well together! I really liked it when Richard was continously shown as being the hero and all fans who have not seen it yet will adore him! I did! I enjoyed the ‘rednecks’ and I saw that is not the appropriate name for them in the States but here in Alberta, Canada, we love them! Excellent done!
    Finally, my husband said he enjoyed the movie and said it was better than Twister and for him to this is a compliment to the movie.
    When you are a Richard Armitage fan, go for it – you will love him!

    • Richard Armitage US says :

      Thanks for your comments, and especially your husband’s assessment… WOW! As a Southern American, I especially appreciate SOMEONE who recognize that the “rednecks” are all over, not just the South. That said, Revis and Donk – and maybe even their Flaming Pool of DEATH – are the guys I want to be at at party I attend! 😉

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